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In livestock enterprises, feeding costs takes such a large part around %70-80 of the cost of the products. The solution of reducing these costs is offering balanced ration with least feed wastage to the animals.The balanced ration is the ration meets the changing needs of the animal's physiological condition and targeted production performance. Its a fact that accurate and reliable analyses take an important role for achiving these kind of requirements.Analyzing the feed values not only in poultry but also in ruminant feeding saves cost and raw materials. After the result of rations prepared after analyzes increases the qualities of feeds make productivity performance increased and decrease the production costs.

Feeding is done with a mixture of both grain and coarse feeds forages in the feed of ruminant while feeding with feed of single type in poultry feed. Using coarse feed foragesin the feeding of ruminant animals is a necessity both for the digestive physiology of the animal and for the cost economy. Knowing the qualities of coarse feeds forages given to animals is as important as knowing to be given in which era of physiological term is better for the animal and costing the coarse feeds. Changing in the quality of coarse feedforages is determined for feeding cost, lactation performance, meat holding ability and animal health. Coarse feding forages , TMR analyzes and regularly quality checkings will ensure to you knowing how to feed your animals.