Nutri MEGA


Nutri MEGA

NUTRIMEGA; the pioneer of multifunctional feather and skin health products protects skin and feather health with its Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamins B, C and E, Biotin, With Glycine Chelated Zinc and Probiotics content

Not all oils are of the same texture and function. Many foods or BARF
used in their diets provide energy but because of lack of Omega-3 and
Omega-6 in their diets, skin and feather problems can occur.

Our pet friends whose skin and hair health deteriorated; luster and vitality of feather problems can be seen.
Dryness, scaling, itching, non-healing wounds and skin infections can
The normal structure of the skin and feathers deteriorates,
There can be seen entanglement, drying and shedding on the feathers,
Sensitivity to external parasites may develop,
Protecting skin and hair health is an application that is much easier than
threating the problems and which increases the life quality or ou

Daily Feeding Amount
Nutrimega should be useda single dose (3 g) up to 10 Kg live weight and every 10 Kg for live weight in the daily food of our pet friends.