Nutrivit Canine

NUTRIVIT CANINE contains both the balanced vitamin mineral levels and the PREBIOTICS that it contains, making it possible for the digestive system to work more healthily and the immune system to be more active.

Beta 1-3,1-6 Glucan is a pioneer of PREBIOTIC supported multi vitamins and mineral products
with Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) and balanced vitamin-mineral combinations.

• To meet the vitamin and mineral requirements of dogs
• Helping treatment in disease situations
• Helping the digestive system
• Protect skin and coat health
• Supporting joint and bone health during development
• Meeting the increasing requirement
in pregnant and nursing dogs
• Increase energy gain in stress processes
• To improve the quality of life in older dogs

1 tablet per 10 kg live weight should be given to the dog.
Thanks to the packaging technology, the tablets retain
the taste and flavor of the first day.
Give your dog a single tablet for general support.
In case of reluctance you can also consume by dividing.
Do not mix with heating or hot water.
Hot applications damage vitamins